Aug 15, 2022 | Testimonials

Success Story – Aug 2022


Celebrate Success!

Ms. White admitted to Creekside Terrace Rehabilitation after a shoulder replacement surgery. At admission, Ms. White demonstrated poor balance and limited range of motion in her shoulder. With a custom therapy plan, Ms. White was able to learn shoulder strengthening exercises, regain range of motion and improved balance allow her to safely walk with reduced risk for falls.  Ms. White has successfully transitioned home after meeting her goals with therapy.

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Success Story – Dec – Nedra Brinkley

Success Story “I really appreciate everything. Good therapy staff here.” Mrs. Brinkley came to Creekside Terrace following a Knee Replacement. At admission, Mrs. Brinkley required a lot of assistance from caregivers to perform transfers and walking. With a custom...

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Success Story – July – Mrs. May

Mrs. May came to Creekside Terrace Rehabilitation Center after acute respiratory failure. Upon admission, Mrs. May was unable to walk and required multiple rest breaks to complete her activities of daily living. Mrs. May was able to improve her standing tolerance, is walking with a walker, and has improved her balance and successfully transitioned home with her spouse.

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Success Story – June – Mr. Townsend

Mr. Townsend came to Creekside Terrace Rehabilitation after an episode of increased weakness. With a custom therapy plan to address Mr. Townsend’s goals, today he can stand to complete grooming tasks and can walk around his home using a walker.

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